Getting to know you and your business

It is paramount that we understand your business model to help you move forward online. We offer a free consultation either by email, by phone or a one to one meeting.

Keyword Research

We use SEO tools and we use our brains to find both short and long tail keywords that will help drive more traffic to your website. There will be the obvious keywords that you may have already thought of, there may be others that you haven’t thought of and probably hundreds of other long tail keyword combinations. It is our job to make up a short list of keywords.

On-Page SEO

We would then apply our findings in the keyword research to your website on a page per page basis, making sure that all the meta tags and title elements are placed correctly. We also look at placing articles on your website which would benefit your sites authority by providing information for the search engines and it would also give us a relevant page to link to. Articles placed on your site do not need to be linked to from your main navigation.

SEO Copywriting

Not everyone has the time or the experience to write sales copy that uses a percentage mix of important keywords whilst sounding natural and friendly. Our copywriters do this for a living and have  a nack in getting the user to click the buy button or pick up the phone by using a mix of creative writing and NLP.

Google Places

Every business should have a Google Places listing expecially as these are now shown mixed with the natural results with an address and your logo or picture shown giving you alot more real estate and maximising your presence. If you already have a Google Places listing we can help optimise it by adding pictures, videos and making your your citation (address) is placed on relevant directories.


Backlinks are links from other websites to your website and hold the most weight in your rankings. The headings below describe all the places where we source backlinks from.

SEO Services

    • Press Releases
    • Directories
    • Bookmarks
    • Articles
    • Blogs
    • Blog Comments
    • Forums
    • Guestbooks
    • RSS Feeds
    • Micro-blogs like Twitter
    • Video Sites like Youtube
    • Socal Sites like Facebook


Press Release, Article and Blog Writing

We provide the articles for your article marketing and also press release copy as part of the backlinking packages. This is not to be confused with your website Copywriting which is of a quality far beyond that needed for article marketing.

Twitter and Facebook

We can provide you with a Twitter account that targets people in your area or people looking for your business, we add the followers and make the tweets with links to your site. Facebook should also not be ignored as it is one of the most used platforms on the internet and in some cases the only reason why some people go online. We can provide a website within a Facebook business page.

Additional Websites

Do you want to dominate in the search results… what if you had two websites ranking on the first page of Google? We can provide ready-to-go websites to compliment your existing website and increase your targetted traffic even further.